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tv   News  ABC  September 24, 2009 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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a disabled vehicle in the northbound lanes of the fort mchenry tunnel. that does block one toll lane. at west 41st, expect to see it blocked at falls road and jfntion because of fire activity there. and i'm getting word of a crash northbound on the bw parkway at route 175, that has the exit ramp to 175 blocked this morning. don't forget you can follow me on twitter at back to you. it's 6:30. we got a bizarre situation to tell you about. brimphampton drive in northeast baltimore. police shot a man armed with a spatula, outside of the wellington gate apartments. officers got a call for a suicidal man. when they got there the man was seen waving what seemed to be a dangerous object. it turned out to be a spatula. they warned him to drop it. when he didn't listen they opened fire. >> the gunshots woke me up this morning.
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i look out the window and seen seven, eight police cars and ambulance. >> the man was last listed in critical condition. the two officers involved are now on administrative leave. this is the 13th police-involved shooting in the city this year. boating deaths in maryland reached a seven-year high and maryland officials are now taking action to help save lives. they plan to ask lawmakers to make tougher boating laws. 15 people died on maryland waterways this year despite stepped up enforcement and high visibility safety campaigns by natural resources police. 6:31. parents leave -- a recall about children's tylenol. the frustrating part, you won't see anything on tylenol's web site, the fda's web site or the consumer product safety commission web site. so we call mcneil pharmaceuticals which manufactures tylenol. you can call mcneil for more information, 1-877-895-3665.
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to ask about a particular product and a lot number. mcneil, by the way says there's no danger. the voluntary recall is being done because bacteria was discovered in raw material used in the manufacturing process. researchers say for the first time an experimental vaccine has cut the risk of infection with the deadly aids virus. u.s. military officials and thai health officials said the vaccine cut the risk of becoming infected with h1n1 -- with hiv, rather, by more than 31%. the result came after the world's largest aids vaccine trial of more than 16,000 volunteers in thailand. this is the first evidence that we could have a safe and preventive vaccine. 6 of:32. apparently everybody is trying to fight the h1n1 virus. we have a strip club in florida doing its part to make sure no one in the city gets sick. the lunch buffet clients looked a little different than normal. the club afford free shots and even a hot lunch.
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the city employees, veterans and senior citizens. >> i wish i had some of these figures like these gals do. they are beautiful gals. i want to know where the girls got those sexy stockings. i need some of those. >> they said can i help you? i said, yes, can i get a job? very jokingly. and then i said, no, i'm kidding you. i want to know when you're giving flu shots. >> the shots were done in the vip room. there you go. >> oh, the jokes. >> this is your seventh flu shot of the year. you won't get sick until 2025! race for the cure in maryland just a few weeks away. >> coming up, we're going to talk to a woman who beat the odds. hear her incredible story of survival coming up. he stole a helicopter, jumped through the roof, got away. it's not a james bond movie. we're going to tell you more about this daring heist.
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6:33. we've got ourselves a partly cloudy morning, a little bit of patchy fog but it's very warm temperatures. once again we say good morning to cockeysville middle. 70 degrees now. patchy fog but a mostly dry and warm day. more coming up in a bit. 6:33. let's check the roads with kim brown. >> traffic is running smoothly here at 50 and 97. however, if you're traveling northbound on the bw parkway at route 175 just be advised that the eastbound ramp to route 175 is blocked due to a crash. now, let's check the buses and trains with mark jones. >> good morning. we've got that hamden fire affecting bus service, 22 and 98 buses diverted in the area of 41st and falls. the number 44 taking a diversion at york and belvedere due to construction. and the number 17 working with a diversion at corporate and international. light rail and metro subway on time. the marc is moving about without delay. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals.
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i mean how do you people get anything done? you're in a meeting and you say, "the fourth quarter report is -- " "wow, what a nice day." and everyone agrees, and the meeting's over. i mean, how do you do anything? well, it is a nice day. yeah. it is a nice day. there! see?! i have no idea what we were talking about!! oh look, a crab...
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more than 190,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. >> many will survive and the stories are downright unbelievable. >> we're weeks away from the susan g. komen race for the cure in maryland. this morning we have a story of one breast cancer survivor being honored. >> we want to bring in michelle and also geralyn. they join us this morning from new york city. good morning. >> good morning. >> michelle, you are with the women of hope and beautiful. tell us about your organization helping women with breast cancer. >> i am a breast cancer survivor and i attended a look good feel better seminar while starting the beginning of my chemo treatment. i was excited to receive a
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flyer about the look good/feel better. i attended the seminar and just thought it was a fantastic, you know, way to help women cope with the inevidentableses of going through chemo, losing hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, self-esteem. >> you're also a breast cancer survivor as well as author. what did you hope to accomplish with your book? >> hi, megan. first of all, thanks for sponsoring the race. means so much to us. my book is called "why i wore lipstick to my mastectomy." i did wear lipstick and i found out michelle wore lipstick to her lumpectomy. we're here to talk about look good lsh feel better. it's a national program, anyone can attend one of the free two-hour workshops. log on to it's about looking good and feeling great when you're going through such a devastating experience. something as simple as losing
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eyebrows, looking in the mirror, not recognizing yourself. how to figure out how to go to work, how to deal with appearance-related issues. it's a totally free program and we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of the program. and over 650,000 women and men have been helped by this free program. there are programs going on in your area if anyone needs to get that kind of help. >> michelle, you're going to be honored tonight at the waldorf-astoria. what does this honor mean to you? >> that is a this is just -- it's just such an honor to be here and to be surrounded by -- there's four other winners who are on this trip with me and we're just so excited because it's been a tough couple of months. six months, in some cases for some of the women, they are still going through their treatment. some have finished maybe a year
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or two out and for us it's just such a treat to be treated like princesses. we're in such good hands and we just developed a lot of fast friendships already, common bonds and we're just so excited to be able to dress up and feel like, you know, women and have a lot of fun. >> it sounds like you guys deserve it. thank you so much for joining us and telling us about this program. it's amazing. >> thank you. and good luck to all the women who are doing the race. we're going to be clearing for all of you. >> we have ledo pizza and pasta now giving away these free pink coupon book let's to support the fight against breast cancer. >> these are great because you can pick up one at any of the stores. they have all sorts of goodies inside where you can save money. speaking of saving money, jamie, be sure to join us for abc2 news sunday october 18th from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for
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our live two-hour broadcast. you're going to hear stories of survival and inspiration, hope for a cure. an amazing program. we did this last year. you just meet some of the most inspirational people that are out there. it's a great thing that goes on in baltimore county. we hope you'll join us. if you can't join us for the walk turn on the tv and join us for the two-hour special. coming up next -- most people fight for internships to get their job experience. >> these guys got on the job training without applying for one. this morning, they are being called heroes. how two local college students studying to become cops put their skills to the test. i'm linda so with the exclusive story up next. interesting grooming.
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acorn is suing the makers of the videotape that embarrassed a community organization. >> two college students who want to be cops should get a free classroom pass today. wait until you hear how they came to the rescue. is it a right-wing conspiracy? how did tom delay make it through the elimination round
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of "dancing with the stars"? >> the judges said he was pretty good. they were impressed. maybe they just want to keep him around for the laugh. whatever the reason, thank you for joining us. >> let's look at weather with justin berk. >> delaying the inevitable. 6:45. good morning. 70 degrees this morning. that is running about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than we would normally expect on this date. definitely feels like mid-summer. summer still trying to hang on. we had hefty storms come through last night especially in baltimore, harford, cecil county, dropping a good bit of rain. there may be still wet roads and patchy fog as skies tried to clear the last couple of hours. much like yesterday, any bit of morning fog gives way to a partly sunny sky. we're still under the environment that is very warm and sultry. the main storm pattern in the upper level system in the nation's heartland will get more energy and rain from the gulf of mexico. it will come back to flooded atlanta and reach us as we head towards the weekend but essentially today, though, the chance of showers will arrive
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in the afternoon. 84 in baltimore. and should reach lower 80s as well. partly sunny, westminster and parkton. we'll talk about the big cooldown coming up. we have heavy traffic starting to build around the area especially in you're on the west side of the beltway, usual slowdown between 795 and route 70 interchange. same on the east side between harford and providence roads. word of a disabled vehicle on the inner loop, off-ramp to hollands ferry -- hollins ferry road. and catonsville, rolling road and wilkens avenue closed from an overnight crash. hilltop avenue should get you around that. a fire activity happening that has west 41st street at falls road blocked. i'm getting word it's in the process of getting cleared, should be picked up around now. and northbound on the bw parkway at route 175, a crash blocks the exit ramp to eastbound route 175. as we peek at the jfx at 41st
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street traffic is not impacted by the fire and moving along pretty nicely. back to you. kim, you just mentioned that fire in hamden. we're actually going to take you to the scene now. this is video from our our overnight photographer pete "on the street" o'neill. the fire started just after 5:00 this morning on 41st 1st street. everyone got out ok. no word now on the cause. again, that scene should be cleared up soon. and we continue to follow the breaking news from new jersey. authorities say four lakewood police officers were shot executing a search warrant in new jersey, two taken to the hospital. this happened 2:30 this morning northeast of philadelphia. authorities say an officer was struck in the face. the other shot in the foot. they are at the hospital. two other officers sustained minor injuries when they were shot in their bulletproof vests. police shot the suspect several times. he's in the hospital as well. an abc2 news exclusive -- two college students did their internship on wilkens and
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rolling road this morning. >> the two want to become police officers when they graduate. judging from what they did this morning they passed their first test. linda so has an exclusive report. what happened? >> reporter: they certainly passed their first test with flying colors of the two college students were driving home, saw a man in trouble and didn't hesitate to help. this is exclusive video from pete "on the street" o'neal they were with friends, saw downed power lines in the road. they looked over and saw the car flipped on its side. the driver was apparently trying to avoid a car that swerved into his lane when he lost control and crashed. he stopped and ran over to help. one of them grabbed a tire iron to free the man but stopped after realizing if they pulled him out they could hurt him even more. they called 911 and stayed with the man until medics arrived. >> we looked to the right and saw a car on its side. we proceeded to run to the car to see if they were ok. we banged on the windows, no one responded so i called 911 and stayed on the phone with them. >> we ended up breaking the
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front window open and he started to respond to us. the cops showed up at that point. >> reporter: both terrance and matt are studying to become police officers. they say it runs in the family. one mother is a retired officer. the other is a stat state trooper. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. big changes coming to the city in an effort to fix the massive budget deficit. 27 city employees will be out of work. nearly all employees will have to take at least five furlough days. the mayor says as many as 400 employees could have been fired if not for this furlough plan. >> in these times i would rather do that than see somebody get laid off. i mean if that's what it takes in these tough times everybody's got to do their part. >> this gap that we have to face and decisions we have to make really impacts all of us. >> the city is still negotiating with the fire
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department on possible furloughs. police are exempt by contract. first she was in, then she was out. then in again. now it's final, the democratic nominee for annapolis mayor calls it quits for good in the middle of a controversy. zina pierre broke the news in a room full of supporters yesterday. former white house aide was in the running to become the city's first african-american mayor but bowed out after details of her legal and financial troubles surfaced. >> have slipped through the cracks. and i own up to that. >> if they are truly issues that she can't overcome i think she should get out of the race. >> if she has sick parents and has other issues how is she going to run a city? >> she did a great job. the past came back to haunt her. >> the democratic party will name a new nominee at a meeting this friday. acorn is lashing out to people behind the undercover videos that led to a lot of
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problems. >> sherrie johnson joins us in the studio to tell us what the organization has to say about the investigation. >> reporter: acorn is firing back to defend its tainted reputation. the organization filed a lawsuit in maryland against the conservative activists behind the undercover videos that led to many problems. this lawsuit comes after the irs ended its relationship with acorn. the census bureau also cut ties and the house and senate cut off federal funds. acorn faces criticism after videos from hidden cameras caught staff members giving advice about tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution to james o'keefe and hanna giles. the pair were wearing disguises as pimps and prostitutes and acorn announced it would sue because o'keefe recorded the staff members without their consent which is illegal. o'keefe and giles say they will not be intimidated by the lawsuit and there are more videos coming out. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's 6:52. a small baltimore technology
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company suing facebook claiming they violated its patent for managing private networks on the internet. the company in canton says the facebook violated its patent for what they call distributive personal relationship information management systems and methods, essentially a social networking site. the patent was issued in 2007 and the company employees five people and provides software to companies to help them manage their on-line communities. 6:53. new video from overnight. a 3-year-old in china needed to be rescued after he got his head stuck between two concrete pillars. he was playing hide and seek with friends, squeezed into the small space and as you can see rescuers had to use chisels, lubricant and electric saw to get him out. it took several hours to free him but he was only a little bruised. it was like something out of "ocean's 11". robbers landed a stolen helicopter on the roof of a cash storage depot and broke
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into the building through the roof. this happened near stockholm, sweden. the police showed up in minutes but could not get close to the building because spikes had been spread near the building to stop them. 10 people are believed to be involved in this very daring heist. the abandoned helicopter was found but no suspects have been found at this time. we've all heard of computer hackers but the hack job this guy did is making a family in north carolina feel like they are in poltergeist. an electronic hacker has taken control of everything from the familiar's tv to their air conditioning. they unplugged their cable box so he would stop ordering on demand movies. even then he annoys them by turning on the tv and plairg the volume. eventually the family called the police but the hacker mocked them calling them while the police were at the house. [whispering]
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>> this is my frustration because the police -- i know they think we're crazy. if you guys weren't seeing this, it sounds very hard to believe. >> a cell phone expert says someone can put a hidden program on your cell phone that turns into a bugging device. which could cause them to control the electronics in the house. hold on now, the police have stopped investigating because they think it's the couple's 15-year-old son playing a prank. >> oh, if it is he is in trouble! that is ridiculous! >> good prank, though. a new season of abc's hit show "dancing with the stars" is in full swing. ended early for two celebrities. >> the first elimination, two people ordered to hang up their dancing shoes. actor ashley hamilton and singer macy gray were sent packing. the encore dance went to kelly osbourne and they did that lovely waltz. shocked about everyone and thrilled her parents.
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6:55. quick peek this morning, a little bit of patchy fog, otherwise a partly sunny day, warm day, 84. chance of a late-day shower or storm especially towards the evening. after the warm day today we'll slip back to 74 tomorrow. some clearing and 60s on saturday with increasing clouds and late-day rain. that rain likely to carry into sunday. but sunday will be back into the upper 70s. 6:56. here's kim. >> thank you. a variety of issues around the area, fortunately none of them affecting the beltway. we just have volume between 795 and route 70. in catonsville expect rolling road still cloatd in both directions at wilkens avenue. we have other incidents, too. you can always follow me at for a complete rundown. thank you for joining us. >> great show coming up at 9:00. we're going to talk about bergantz and what an inspiration he is to baltimore here. >> see you at 9:00.
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